ScalerFab is a family-owned and operated company based out of Jacksonville, Florida. We offer quality, custom-fabricated R/C Scaler Accessories, proudly made in the USA!


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Scalerfab.com offers custom RC scaler Accessories. We ship all over the world and work with many bodies and chasis-styles including: Axial SCX10 and Wraith, as well as G-Made Sawback and VAterra Ascender. Our current production line items include SCX10 Jeep RUbicon, Dingo, Honcho, G6, and SCX10 Deadbolt, Wraith and Vaterra Ascender and G-Made Sawback accessories. Feel free to contact us regarding any other body styles. We hope that you will enjoy browsing our site and encourage you to reach out should you have any questions.


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