1/12 ECX Barrage Comp-Style Front Bumper with Trail Bar


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With over 50 possible combinations on to choose from on this bumper, you can truly build the perfect piece of trail armor for your needs.  If you weren't a competitor already, our Comp-Style Front Bumper w/ Trail Bar will allow you to push the limits of your Barrage without having to worry about approach angles.

Drive OVER the rocks, don't work around your bumper!

RC Scale Welded Steel 1/12 ECX Barrage Com-Style Front Bumper w/ Trail Bar.
**More options available on our website at www.scalerfab.com


- 75mm wide
- Bumper uses existing holes in frame when mounted all the way in (as pictured). In order for bumper to stick out further, drilling additional holes in frame rails may be necessary. 
- Steel construction - Hand Made/Welded.