Prerunner Series Raised Front Bumper for SCX10/SCX10 II Power Wagon/Nukizer/Honcho/SR5

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ScalerFab Welded Steel Prerunner Series Raised Front Bumper for Axial SCX10/SCX10 II SR5/Honcho/Power Wagon/ Nukizer
Also fits the 4-Runner body WITHOUT the plastic front bumper. (Check width measurements and adjust in order notes, if needed)
If leaving plastic front bumper, see the XJ Prerunner Series bumper.
*Additional Options may be available one our website,


- approx. 190mm wide
- Requires trimming of plastic bumper for Pro-Line SR5 Body
- Bumper Top Plate sites approx. 20mm above the top of the frame rail.
- Includes Pre-drilled mounting holes for winch (RC4WD WARN 9.5cti and 8274 Winch, 3Racing Winch, and SSD Ox Power Winch mounting pattern)
- Mounts using existing holes in frame - does not mount like stock plastic bumper(s) (Longer hardware recommended- hardware not included- See Optional Bumper Hardware Pack available under Accessories)
- Steel construction - Hand Made/Welded.
- Has slots for adjustable fore/aft mounting

**Please Note: Our finish options provide a superficial coating and will scratch/chip under normal use. Pros/cons of each can be found below: -Flat Black: not as susceptible to chips -Rustoleum Truck Bed Coating: easier to touch up using a can of Rustoleum Truck Bed Coating, available at Home Depot or Lowes. -Raw Steel: We recommend a raw steel finish if you intend to coat with a harder finish on your own. Mountain instructions: We recommend removing any plastic cross-members and screwing directly into the frame rails with a nut on the back. For extra tight fit, use a dab of Shoe Goo or E6000 Clear Adhesive between the frame rail and the bracket, and screwing down tight with a nut, and let sit overnight. Recommend hardware mounting kits available at the top of the page as an optional add-on.**

Main pic courtesy of @RCbasher83 on IG. #scalerfab for a feature!