HPI Venture FJ Cruiser Rock Sliders


HPI Venture FJ Cruiser Rock Sliders
Steel Frame-mounted Rock Sliders w/ Optional Add-Ons

**Note: If using with the Bowhouse RC battery tray, please let us know in the order notes at checkout so that we can modify the sliders to work with that after market part, as the link riser mounts will need to be removed.

* 155mm length, 50mm offset. Custom sizes available- enter in Options
* Built in front and rear link riser mounts
* Steel construction - Hand Made/Welded.
* Mounts using existing holes in frame (hardware not included) (SEE INSTALL GUIDE BELOW)
 To install:

1. Remove 4 bolts from stock rock sliders.
2. Remove Rock Sliders and remove the plastic backing brackets.

3. Take the 2 shorter slider mounting bolts and install them in the back side of the backing bracket, where the links mount. Thread all the way in until snug.

4. Take ScalerFab Sliders and mount the slider to the frame rail through the 2nd slot and the first hole using the 2 longer bolts. 

5. Install the links and the plastic backing plates on the inside of the frame rail. Tighten the 2 slider mounting bolts. The link mounting bolts will now be coming from the backside and will flush out at the stock hole in the frame rails behind the slider bracket. 

This should allow the sliders to mount flush with the frame rails while also retaining the stock link mounting locations. Alternatively, in the rear, feel free to use one of the link risers. We use the very top hole. You will need a small spacer or some washers and another 3mm nut for each side.