G-Made Komodo Front Bumper with Brush Guard


Full-size Steel, welded front bumper for the G-Made Komodo w/ Brush Guard

*Some pictures may depict Optional Add-Ons, such as Front Fairlead Mount or Shackle Mounts. More options available at www.scalerfab.com


- 180mm width
-Mounts using existing hardware/
- Steel construction - Hand Made/Welded.

**For mounting, we recommend removing any plastic cross-members and screwing directly into the frame rails with a nut on the back. For extra tight fit, use a dab of Shoe Goo or E6000 Clear Adhesive between the frame rail and the bracket, and screwing down tight with a nut, and let sit overnight. Recommend hardware mounting kits available at the top of the page as an optional add-on.**