Prerunner Series Cross RC Demon SG4 Front Bumper w/ Mounting Tabs


$61.95 USD 

We specifically designed this bumper to fit the Cross RC Demon SG4. It comes with built-in mounting tabs for the body....just as it should be! Full-size Steel, welded Prerunner Series Front Bumper for the Cross RC Demon SG4 *These bumpers are NOT adjustable and either come ready for a bumper-mounted winch, or not. The winch option will stick out enough to mount a winch in front of the grill. The non-winch option will be tucked in as close as possible to the body for best approach angle.  Specifications:

-Mounting Hardware sold separately.
-Requires drilling the existing body mounting holes in the grill from 2.5mm out to 3mm
- Steel construction - Hand Made/Welded.

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