Scale Points Maximizer Package (Land Anchor, Sleeping Bag, Sand Ramps, Winch Line & Hook, Banner)


It's the little things, am I right? With this package you can maximize your scale points without a ton of added weight. Who couldn't use a few extra points?

Scale Points Maximizer Package (Save over 15%)
(6 Scale Points*)

***NOTE- License plate no longer available.
*Based on current SORRCA Score Calculator found HERE

What's Included:

Functional Items (-3):
-1 ScalerFab Standard Land Anchor (Upgrades available- see descriptions HERE)
-5' ScalerFab 300-lb Test Winch Line (As tow strap) w/ ScalerFab stainless Steel Tow Hook
-ScalerFab Aluminum Sand Ramps

Non-Functional Items(-3):
-ScalerFab Scale Banner
-ScalerFab Scale Sleeping Bag & Bed Roll (1 point each)- Black w/ Grey Logo