Scale RTI (Ramp Travel Index) Ramp


$37.50 USD 

Scale RTI (Ramp Travel Index) Ramp **GREAT FOR SCALE DISPLAY!**

The formula for calculating RTI using a ramp is:

Where b is the wheelbase of the vehicle, d is the distance traveled along the ramp before any wheels leave the ground.

(usually calculated on a 20 degree ramp, however because the scale world doesn't equate perfectly, ours is closer to 25 degrees.) 

-Made for use with Class 0-2
-When comparing class 3/Wraith/Bomber, etc you'll need to add a block underneath to make the ramp steeper.

-approx. 375mm long, 155mm tall, 53mm wide 
-Modular for easy storage/transport
-Space for Scale Banners/stickers
-Steel Construction
-Lifetime Warranty

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