Comparing Plastic Vs. Metal RC Bumpers: Which is better? Pros and Cons for The RC Enthusiast

Unlock the Secret to Ultimate RC Performance:
Metal vs. Plastic Bumpers,
Which Is Better?

  1. The Great Debate Settled: Metal bumpers edge out plastic in the durability and aesthetic stakes, making them a superior choice for those prioritizing longevity and a realistic look in their RC vehicles.
  2. Plastic's Lightweight Advantage: Plastic bumpers keep RC cars nimble and speedy with their significantly lighter weight, although they fall short in durability, potentially compromising the vehicle's longevity and scale appearance.
  3. Metal's Might: With unbeatable resilience and a more authentic scale look, metal bumpers from quality manufacturers like ScalerFab offer an enhanced RC experience, albeit with a slight weight penalty and higher initial cost.
  4. The Cost of Quality: Metal bumpers, despite their higher upfront price, deliver better long-term value through extended durability and the promise of a Lifetime Warranty, ensuring your investment pays off.
  5. More Than Just Bumpers: Choosing the right bumper affects not only the part itself but also the overall performance and component synergy of your RC vehicle, making it a crucial decision in your customization journey.

When it comes to the design and performance of your RC, perhaps nothing stirs more debate than the material of the parts, including the ever-critical bumpers. Two top contenders? Plastic and metal.

Today, let's navigate the winding world of RC vehicle customizations, particularly focusing on the pros and cons of Plastic Vs. Metal RC Bumpers so that you can select the best suit for your adventurous vehicles.

Plastic RC Bumpers: Pros

Considering keeping the stock plastic bumpers on your RC vehicle? Here are some benefits:

  1. Lightweight:
    Plastic RC bumpers are significantly lighter than their metal counterparts. This helps reduce the overall weight of your car, potentially improving speed and agility.

  2. Scale Appearance:
    The bumpers can be made to look SUPER scale (but is plastic really scale?)

Plastic RC Bumpers: Cons

On the flipside, here are a few disadvantages:

  1. Durability:
    Although plastic can absorb impacts well, it generally has less durability than metal. It can break or crack under intense situations, reducing its lifespan and potentially allowing more damage to the rest of the RC.

  2. Aesthetic Appeal:
    While subjective, some enthusiasts prefer the look of metal over plastic. Plastic may seem less premium or realistic to some users.

Metal RC Bumpers: Pros

If you're leaning towards metal, you'll appreciate these advantages:

  1. Durability:
    Metal RC bumpers, when manufactured with durability in mind, typically provide greater strength and resilience, surviving more intense collisions and harsher terrains. We're not talking about the cheap mass-produced crap. We're talking the Made-in-America strong ScalerFab bumpers.

  2. Aesthetics:
    Often, metal bumpers are prized for their more "realistic" look, giving RC cars a more polished scale appearance.

  3. Longevity:
    While more expensive upfront, metal bumpers provide better long-term value due to their extended lifespan, especially when backed by a Lifetime Warranty (cough...cough...ScalerFab)

Metal RC Bumpers: Cons

Despite numerous advantages, metal RC bumpers do possess drawbacks:

  1. Weight:
    Metal bumpers are a little heavier, though we're only talking a few ounces overall.

  2. Cost:
    While you get durability, the initial investment for metal bumpers is generally higher, but you get what you pay for in the cheap plastic.

In choosing between plastic and metal RC bumpers, you're balancing between weight, cost, durability, aesthetics, and impact absorption. The right choice depends greatly on your specific needs and priorities.

Remember, your bumper choice can have a cascading effect on other components and the overall performance of your RC vehicle, influencing more than just the bumper itself.

Having been in the scale bumper business for over 10 years, ScalerFab knows the value of a well-built upgrade, which is why we back all of our products with a Lifetime Warranty! Check us out for your next build- you won't regret investing in the best!  #Rc #rclife #rcupgrades #scalerfab

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