The 2017 "Scale Lifestyle" Year Begins

ScalerFab Team Driver Mike Rowe offers up a reminder on the "Scale Lifestyle"common courtesy the ScalerFab way.



It's now 2017 and almost the end of build season for us Northerners in the U.S.A. There's been many frantic builders awaiting the 2017 SORRCA rule changes as well as many veteran and brand new team drivers representing a ton of fantastic Sponsors. As we all start the new year, let's think about these companies, the big ones, small ones, and everyone in between. Take some time at events to meet and thank them for not only providing products or services that make our bank accounts dwindle away, but also for taking the time to set up at all the events as well as sponsoring them. I attend a pretty good amount of SORRCA, G6, and TTC events and I'm always blown away by all the support and the amount of traveling Sponsoring Companies do to attend these events. So next time you are at an event, at least walk by every vendor/sponsor and say hi and thank them for all they do. It may not seem like much as they do meet many people, but you'll most likely build some strong friendships along the way. And that goes towards other competitors as well, over the years some of my better friends I've met because of the scale lifestyle. Or as the uneducated say, "hobby". Now it's time for me to get to building.  #ScalerFab #CustomFTW

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