ScalerFab-Equipped K10 at the First 801RCC Comp of 2017

Team ScalerFab Veteran Driver Brenda Sumner shows off her ScalerFab Pro Series Front Bumper and discusses the first 801 RCC Comp of 2017!

It was a cold day at the first 801 RCC comp of 2017.  It had snowed all night producing about 6" of snow that I had to brish off the Jeep before I left. The roads were a total mess, but I wasn't going to miss the first comp of the year. It took about an hour to get to Black Rock just off The Great Salt Lake.
The turnout was great with around 30 drivers there braving the weather. The courses were also great with several challenges, slick rocks, and a rail slide. I finished the day with 7 bonuses and only one penalty. The final results will be back in a few days, however I'm comfident that I finished in top 5.
Brenda Sumner 
Team ScalerFab 

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