Team Driver Adam Nerby offers us a true testimonial!

Whether it is custom fabrication or shelf items ScalerFab Team Driver Adam Nerby puts his trus in ScalerFab for his needs!


March has a been a quite month for crawling, but a lot of building has been going on, 3 new ScalerFab bumpers installed and 1 custom bumper by Troy. I have to say the fit and finish was absolutely spot on, which is not always the case for custom work, so anyone in need of any custom stuff ScalerFab can hands down handle anything you ask for.  I have bumpers from raw, to painted black and a few bed coated ones and the durability of them is hands down incredible.  Be sure to check out all the products from ScalerFab because they can do almost anything you ask for and always great new products coming out. 


Later, Team Driver Adam

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