The Proven Strength of The ScalerFab brand in the words of Driver Adam Nerby.

Veteran ScaleFab Team Driver Adam Nerby tells us just how strong the ScalerFab brand is!

Well last Sunday I held a indoor comp at the 149 R/C Worx wrecking compound as people are now calling due to the damage it does to the trucks. However the one thing that stays true is no damage to any of the ScalerFab bumpers being ran, they hold up to all the abuse we throw at them.  The concrete is super tough on the trucks with tons of traction and tears up stuff.  The crowd was so large I was unable to get many pictures, I did get a few of the crowd, as hosting the event I was pulled in all directions.  My showing in scale trucks was not all that well but I was able to take the win in 2.2 sporty, but it had least amount of drivers. This was a great event and lots of new guys asking questions on what to run, all were steered in the ScalerFab direction by both myself and ScalerFab Teammate Josh Krupenny, along with other club members referring the ScalerFab brand. Until next blog. Adam


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