After-Market Chassis/Body? No Problem!

We often get asked what bumpers will fit someone's custom body/chassis. Though we do not have every single set of after-market frame rails in-house, there is an easy way to determine which ScalerFab bumpers will be the best fit and finish for your build.

The first things we ask customers to do is to measure from the top corner of the frame rails OUT to and UP to the body, in millimeters. This will determine which kind of brackets we'll need to use.

If the body sits higher than the top of the frame rails, we have a few options for raised brackets: 5mm, 10mm, and 20mm raised above the frame rails. The 10mm brackets have off-set mounting holes that fit the axial-style frame rails, while the 5mm and 20mm raised brackets can fit any chassis rails. We also have non-raised rackets for bodies that sit pretty even with the top of the frame rails. 

NOTE: If the body sits taller than  20mm above the frame rails, and/or sticks out more than about 50mm from the end of the frame rails, we unfortunately cannot accommodate with our brackets, nor are we accepting full custom orders.

Otherwise, You can use the below information to determine which set of bumpers to browse that will fit your body/chassis combo. Find the option that best fits your set-up, based on how high the body sits and how wide your frame rails are. Additionally, once you find the correct height and mounting holes, you can customize the overall width in the space provided on the product page.


Axial SCX10/II- Offset mounting holes. Frame Rail Width = 74mm outside to outside measurement.

Jeep Rubicon/CRC/Wrangler- brackets not raised, sits even with top of frame rails.

XJ Cherokee- brackets are raised 10mm.

Power Wagon/Honcho/SR5- brackets are raised 20mm


TRX4- Mounting holes are in-line. Frame Rail Width= 79mm outside to outside measurement

Sport- Full-size bumpers are raised 20mm, comp-style sit even with frame rails

D90- even with top of frame rails

Element RC- Mounting holes are in-line. Frame Rail Width= 76mm outside to outside measurement. Even with top of frame rails.

Sendero/Sendero HD- Adjustable fore/aft mounting, Trail Walker- butts up to end of frame rails, does not stick out.

VS410- Mounting holes are in line, brackets are raised 5mm, bumper sits 5mm above the top of the frame rails. Frame Rail Width = 75mm outside to outside measurement.

**This is simply an intro to our process for customizing bumpers to fit after-market chassis. To finalize an order, please email with the answers to the following questions for front and/or rear bumper requests:

-Measurement UP to the body, in mm

-Measurement OUT to the body, in mm

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