ScalerFab Veteran Team Driver Ant Petrone walks us through his new build.

ScalerFab Veteran Team Driver Anthony Petrone tells us how he decided to set up his new Proline Bronco Body Scx10 Build.

As soon as Proline announced they were releasing a Bronco body I instantly knew I had to build one. I also knew that I would need to cut the molded bumpers off and install a set of custom ScalerFab bumpers on the front and rear to truly get the look I wanted.  After looking at my options I settled on a custom SCX10 2 front bumper with a trail bar and a Power Wagon rear bumper with a hitch.  I made my measurements and ScalerFab quickly got to work on making the bumpers to my exact dimensions needed for the Bronco body.  I am building this truck to display at the Ultimate Scale Truck Expo coming up in March so I wanted it to be more than just a pretty body on a SCX10.  I 3Dprinted a set of inner fenders for it and found a really cool interior to 3Dprint as well which required the use of SCX10 2 sliders to hold the seats in place.  I put everything together and suddenly realized I had forgotten about setting up a winch.  I really liked the look of the ScalerFab front bumper with the fairlead built into it and knew I had to make it functional for my own satisfaction. Since I couldn't mount my cheap homemade 10 dollar servo winch on the sliders due to the seats being there I had to come up with something else. After digging in my parts drawer I realized that I had a VP bumper mount with a cms so I stuck that on the truck only realize that my servo winch would end up being way too low to actually work with the bumper. After thinking for a few minutes the idea of using small threaded rod links came to mind as a way to securely mount the servo winch up higher.  I ordered 4 20mm threaded rods from RC4WD,  I installed them to the CMS by running bolts up from the bottom to hold the rods in place then set the servo winch on them and ran bolts down from the top as well.  The outcome couldn't have been more perfect, the servo winch now sits exactly where it needs to tucked right behind the bumper at the perfect height. This keeps the winch out of sight and provides a secure mount. Just hidden behind the body it clears everything and even at full suspension compression there is plenty of room for the steering servo as well. I couldn't be happier with the outcome and can't wait to show everyone the build in March.


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