The Rise and Fall of a Legendary Course in Sunrise, FL

A sad story of deterioration and stagnation of a once legendary course in this feature location post with Team ScalerFab Driver, Ant Petrone.

I was at our local crawler course in Sunrise, FL a few weeks ago and was reminded that the RC world is no different than any other facet of life.  The course was trashed, overgrown, and empty.  A far cry from what it was a few years ago where it was normal to see 20-40 people out there on any given Saturday or Sunday.  The RC community like any community really is not immune to the changes life can bring. People come and go and things change. 

Some people simply no longer want to do the RC thing, others have switched gears and do different RC related things now be it Drones or something with a little more speed, others have simply moved all together to new places to do new things in life. 

It was quit depressing really to see the course in the state that it is now.  What was once a super fun social gathering for me was now a sad shell of its former self.  I cleaned up what I could and made the best of the situation.  The course can no longer be ran from start to finish as it once was so I had to make new paths and new obstacles.  I ran my truck on the course for an hour or so before getting bored.  Running the same course every weekend can for sure get boring real quick but it was always fun when you had a group of people together to do it with.

I look at the current state of the course in addition to seeing a lot of my friends selling all of their stuff and getting out the hobby and I wonder if the scale crawler scene is coming to an end here or is it simply going through a cycle.  One thing is clear however is that I will need to find more places to explore and go crawling.   I have a very deep seated love for RC and a constant need to build and create new things; I won’t be leaving the hobby anytime soon that much is for sure.  I look forward to finding new places to explore and hopefully meeting new people in the hobby.

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