ScalerFab Veteran Team Driver Brenda Sumner shares how team mates get it done!

How Teammates get it done at the 801 Comp by ScalerFab Veteran Driver Brenda Sumner.


What an amazing day out at White Rock. Great turnout again for the 801 comp. Started the course running with my teammate Brandon. We got through gate 7 before I stripped my servo horn. As I was replacing it, Brandon blew his transmission gears. I waited with him as he fixed it, but he dropped one of the gears down the hill and had to find another. After finding another we got going and again I had issues with my servo horn. I ran back to the jeep and pulled the metal clamping horn off my WraithZilla. I got my K10 going again but with limited steering. After a long 45 min delay, Brandon and I were up and running. We tackled all of the remaining 193 gates together working as a team. Tough course, a lot of elevation changes and tricky gates. But hey, this grandma can drive :) Was able to pull off the win by 1 point with Brandon finishing close behind at 6th. Our ScalerFab trail armor took quite the beating but is tough as nails !!

Teamwork makes the dream work
Brenda Sumner
Team ScalerFab


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