ScalerFab Pre-Runner Front and Rear Bumpers with ScalerFab Team Driver Brett Zachary

ScalerFab Team Driver Brett Zachary tells us all about his wonderful ScalerFab Pre-Runner Series bumpers!


Lets talk, ScalerFab Pre-Runner Series.

This is a custom built Pre-Runner Front bumper on my Class 1 rig. These are awesome bumpers, I really like the ends angled back for better approach angle. On the Class 1 rig the rules state that the front bumper has to be as wide as the windshield. No problem, just gave Troy the width I needed, and done deal. These bumpers are super tough, as you can see it has took a beaten, but after all, that’s what it for, it will keep your rig protected.

Also note: That is a ScalerFab stainless steel winch hook and winch line.

Now, to the rear.

This also is the Pre-Runner series. This bumper was originally for my SCX10-2 with a Jeep Comanche body Class 2 rig. After decididing to re-build my 4 year old  SCX10 in to a Class 1 rig, I put this bumper on it with the JK body. You can see that it fits either SCX10. I did have to drill 2 new mounting holes in order to keep it tucked in close to the body. What I really like about this and all the ScalerFab bumpers is the frame mounts. They act as runners like a sled, so there is a very small contact point when silding on obstacles. ( arrows ). As with all of ScalerFab bumpers it is super tough.

Can’t go wrong with ScalerFab products.

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