California FAMILY Crawling with Team ScalerFab Driver, Casey Dill!

Its all about the FAMILY FUN!! as stated by ScalerFab Team Driver Casey Dill.

Here are a few pics of one of the coolest spots to crawl at, in my opinion. It's in Santa Rosa CA and it's called Flat Rock Creek. Most of the time my oldest daughter just runs around and freaks me out when she jumps off the rocks. But this time, she wanted to drive with my wife and I. We had a blast too, she is becoming a great driver. So is my wife, she was doing the lines that the big tire (aka training wheels) couldn't do! It was very cool to see. My friends and their families gather here every second Sunday and it's the reason I love this hobby. It's not super competitive. It's fun! It's what this hobby is all about. Having FUN! I hope everyone else has these types of events where they're located! If not you're missing out! 

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