ScalerFab Team Driver Casey Dill talks OVERLAND TEAM CHALLENGE

It's different, it's challenging, it's extreme, it's the Overland Team Challenge in the words of ScalerFab Team Driver Casey Dill!


It was on a Saturday. The place, Tracy CA. This is where my friend and I entered the Overland Team Challenge Series. So, I've been to local comps, G6 events, Axialfest and many other get togethers, but this was different. I was surrounded by some of my closest RC friends that I was gonna be racing against in a way I've never experienced. The course was brutal and the competition was too. It was an all out battle in a king of the hammer style race. Kill or be killed! People were winching and using tow straps and doing whatever it took to advance. I personally drove over the top of other racers that were either stuck or just in my way LOL! They put every obstacle you could think of in front of us and for the most part, team work was the only way finishing would be possible. This went on through 2 laps of 118 gates each lap. It was no joke. The trucks were abused badly. My Scalerfab bumpers took a beating and held up all of the way to the finish line where my teammate and myself landed a first place finish by only 20 seconds. I can't wait to see what the next race will be like. 

Casey Dill

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