ScalerFab Trail Armor and Land Anchor put to the test at Amain Hobbies 1st Indoor Event of 2017

ScalerFab Team Driver Chris Leal fills us in on the added benefits of ScalerFab Trail Armor and Land Anchor!


This past Saturday afternoon I had the pleasure of riding down to Chico, California for Amain Hobbies' First Crawl of 2017, Family Crawl and Raffle event. It started off slow with a few people trickling in and out to check out what was going on, but once the crawlers came out people started to gather around the indoor crawler course Amain has built at the Chico location. Its not a terribly complicated course, but good for beginners of all sorts. There were multiple age groups all participating in the crawl as to enter the raffle all you had to do was complete a trip around the course without assisting your rig and you've got yourself a ticket! The staff had supplied us with donuts and some cookies to snack on which was plenty for me all afternoon. It was an awesome afternoon of RC for everyone!

When I finally got the chance to crawl there were zero issues making it over every single obstacle the course had to throw at the rig thanks to my Scaler Fab Wraith Trail Armor. 

Some other trucks though were getting stuck on their skid plates, not me! My skid plates allowed me to slide right over the high sections with ease. I even let another driver use my ScalerFab Land Anchor to help him get over the skid obstacle he had been getting stuck on every time he went through the course!  The added weight of the ScalerFab Trail Armor on the front and rear of the vehicle also helped add that extra bit of traction when it came to the steep pallet climb towards the end. Of course the very end of the course was the trickiest as it was a piece of plywood that was wet from other crawlers and on a decline that made your truck slide pretty fast. Thanks to my ScalerFab Stinger Bumper coming down was a piece of cake as it took most of the force! It actually gouged the wood where my shackles mounts are! Talk about tough! All in all it was a great day, I didn't win anything in the raffle but I made a few new friends and even let a few people drive my rig!

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