Monkey Face Day Crawl in Chico, California w/ Team ScalerFab Driver, Chris Leal

We made our monthly trip down the hill to Chico California to crawl with the Butte County Scalers "For The Scale Of It" Crawl/Fun Run and it was a blast! We hiked the Upper Bidwell Park location Monkey Face, it was full of all kinds of obstacles and amazing lines next to a small water fall! The people were all friendly on the trail, asking questions about the RC's. Everyone had their own pace which was great as I had brought a friend for his first crawl. The ScalerFab Wraith had little difficulty getting up and over every line i put it on. There were even few spots that a few people needed help with so I let them strap or winch to my ScalerFab Rear Wraith Bumper and pulled them over with ease. We crawled for what seemed like hours but we were just having fun taking our time going up the hill climbing and finding new lines.

As we neared the top of the hill it was a great view. It's too bad I was having such a blast with the group we were trailing with that I didn't get a photo! (we'll be back soon for the view!) When we reached the top we all sat down and enjoyed some lunch or snacks while everyone talked about there awesome lines they conquered.

After everyone had finished checking on their rigs and packing up what they had brought, we started our decent back down Monkey Face where we found an amazing spot right by a waterfall so we could wash the tire's before we loaded them up .The ScalerFab Wraith made it the whole way rockin that Wraith Trail Armor and didn't have a single problem all day. It was an awesome day with the BCS for their Fun Run and we will definitely be back for their next event in March! #SCALERFAB

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