ScalerFab Team Driver Chris Leal puts the New ScalerFab Sand Ladders and Bumpers to good use!

Out with the old and in with the new! ScalerFab products getting well used!


This month we worked on a family member's RC and tested the new ScalerFab Sand Ladders! We started this morning off early with installing a new ScalerFab Prerunner Series Front Bumper, it was as simple as pulling off the old bumper, sliding on the new one with some new stainless hardware, and we were done.  When we finished the install, we made sure everything was tied down and than headed out for a small crawl at our local get together spot. Everything was melting and it was definitely going to be fun trying to find somewhere to drive!

When we arrived we discovered everything had melted and left plenty of lines melted for us to crawl! Right off the bat we headed down towards the falls and turned around at the bottom to climb up through the water! Of course on the ascent we ran into some obstacles that were hard to get over so we pulled out the new ScalerFab Sand Ladders and set them down for the Jeep and sure enough first try he climbed right over thanks to those Ladders! It was a great day for RC and we got to test out the new bumper and sand ladders on some great terrain. After we reached the top everyone had to stop for a pic or two, so we tied the banner up and got a few scale pics before heading home for the day. #scalerfab #areyouscalerenough

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