Team work, smart driving, and testing the durability of the ScalerFab Trail Armor all by Team Driver Chris Leal

Everyone has fun at the "May we all have fun run" hosted by Back Yard Outlaw RC Scalers with ScalerFab Team Driver Chris Leal in attendance. 


It was an epic Saturday with the Back Yard Outlaw RC Scalers for their "May we all have Fun Run" at the Iron Mountain Trail near Red Bluff, California. We started off at the parking lot and made our way up the hill going across a few creek beds, and climbing a few obstacle hills. The ScalerFab Wraith made it over everything with ease, even helped a driver recover from a rollover with my ScalerFab Wraith Stinger Bumper. It was a beautiful day out with the group and we had an excellent time out on the trail!

Upon reaching the summit of our adventure we decided it was time to turn around and start our descent, the rig made it all the way back without a problem, sliding over everything thanks to my rock armor! Once we finished everyone was hot and we all wanted some grub. We made our way back to the cars after completing the trail, made a few new friends along the way and had a blast the whole time! We will definitely be back next month for Back Yard Outlaw RC Scalers next event! #scalerfab #areyouscalerenough

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