ScalerFab Team Driver Chris Leal visits the Butte County Crawler's most recent event.

Technical courses, door prizes, food, and all around great time had at the Butte County Scaler's Wild Mountain Wheelin Adventure.


Our adventure has us in Concow California this month for Butte County Scaler's crawl "Wild Mountain Wheelin Adventure" with my brother-in-law. It took us about 1 and a half hours to get to this location, and boy was it interesting, it's out behind the small town and down a gravel road for about 20 minutes. It was a beautiful location set up on a mountain over looking Lake Concow and the lower valley. As we arrived we knew we were in the right place as we could see a large gathering of trucks and cars on the hill, we found a place to park and registered for our raffle tickets and lunch. It was definitely going to be a hot one today and we brought plenty of water with us so we didn't have any problems on the trail. The crawl started off with a raffle where I along with my group member both won some goodies, 1 sweater from BCS (Butte County Scalers), 1 screw kit from BCS, 1 hat from AsiaTees, and 2 key chains from Boom Racing. After the raffle was done we started on the grueling 200 + gate course they had set up for us on the hill, gates as far as the eye could see one would say ha!

 The ScalerFab Wraith had no issues climbing up and over every rock, even helped a few group members who needed a strap for support or to hold them down. I got all the way to the halfway point and my battery took a dump on me, good thing I had a spare as I had another 98 gates to go! BCS had all kinds of neat obstacles to try and conquer, they had rock ladders, side hilling, and even a few awesome winch locations! It was a rig testing course for sure, if you had any kind of limitations or tuning to do for this crawling season this course was not holding back. There were servos down and steering links getting busted left and right as we neared the finish. It was an awesome crawl with BCS and we enjoyed the nice time talking with the other group members as we all sat and ate our burgers and hotdogs (provided by BCS of course!) We will definitely be back next month for a good time with the BUTTE COUNTY SCALERS #areyouscalerenough #scalerfab



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