Chris Leal stops by AMain Hobbies for the Axialfest warm up event.

  AMain Hobbies event was A-OK in this Team Drivers book!


            This month's adventure has us at AMain Hobbies in Chico, California for their Axialfest Warm up Crawl. We started on the course right away so we could get our names in the raffle. After we ran the course a few dozen times we took a break to spin the loot wheel at the event, enjoyed some snacks, met a few new awesome people, and got to hang with the 530CROOKEDCRAWLER group who are an awesome couple of guys! Once we had hung out for a while and watched everyone take their turn I jumped back on the course for a quick vid of going around it in its currently built state, as it changes every month. It was finally time to leave and we had fun at the small event Amain Hobbies had set up for everyone, we'll always be back to check them out!

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