Cristian Fischer helps you get your maintenance started for that next outing.

A helpful checklist for maintaining your rigs.


It has been a while, we had lots of rain last month so RC stuff was out. However this month, I have multiple RCs to get ready for Crawlapalooza. In getting ready for a big event, I will tear down every last nut, bolt, and screw of each rig to make sure that they are ready for the carnage to come.  It helps us have fewer problems when it counts.  My family competes in 1.9 scale comp, 2.2 shafty, and 2.2 pro/mod. Here are few things that I consider must checks.

  1. If you have a brushed motor, make sure the brushes are good. For both types of motors, add a few drops of oil on the bearing of the motor.
  2. Pull the transmission gears, inspect for cracks, chips, missing teeth, and reapply grease.
  3. Check your pinion and spur gears for damage and reinstall them.
  4. Check all your bearings to make sure they are still good. Check drive shafts to make sure they extend and compress properly. And check universals to make sure they aren’t broken or the pins have too much slop.
  5. Test and inspect all your electronics and wiring for bad connections or wire fraying.
  6. Check your bumpers and chassis for damage or burs that may catch on something and file them if needed.
  7. Put your body on and make sure that it sits properly and add ScalerFab stickers ;)
  8. Check all your bead lock screws and hex hardware to make sure they are all tight.
  9. Test your lipo cells resistance and make sure your batteries are good to go.
  10. Have fun!

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