Cristian Fischer treks up North to hang out with his Northern Teammates.

My tiny truck adventure with some great ScalerFab Teammates!             

I took my 1.9 scale and my 2.2 S /2.2 pro rigs on a multi-state adventure with 2 other ScalerFab guys. My 6 am flight out of Love Field in Dallas made for a very early start to the extended weekend. I was picked up at the airport in Minneapolis by Nick Ahrens, a fellow 149 R/C Worx driver. We then made the hour journey across the border to Wisconsin and the home of Adam Nerby (149 R/C Worx owner and fellow ScalerFab team mate).  After dropping off my bag, we drove up to Lake Superior for the first of three tiny truck adventures of the weekend. The rocks and the scenery were amazing and we even got to see the “ship house” from one of the HGTV shows. Our adventure was cut short by an unexpected downpour. So we decided to call it a day and head home.  Our second adventure began early Saturday morning with testing and tuning of the rigs. We were joined Josh Krupenny (149 R/C Worx and ScalerFab team driver). After the tuning session was over, seven of us drove out to Taylor Falls on the Wisconsin/Minnesota border to set up several course for three classes. We then spent the rest of the day running whatever rigs we brought out. Our Sunday included a comp with the Minnesota Radio Control Rock Crawling group (MNRCRC) at Interstate State Park back up in Taylor Falls. We drove over some pretty awesome rock formations and down in some glacial potholes. I had a great time representing Texas, 149 R/C Worx, and ScalerFab and I’m looking forward to doing it again next year.

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