ScalerFab Low-Profile Roof Rack Install w/ Team Driver, Dave Hall

This month my package from ScalerFab came in! Inside was a load of ScalerFab merch/ stickers and the ScalerFab low profile roof rack which I picked out for my cc01 pajero.

I've been running a modified Sylvanian families roof rack which i picked up at toys r us for $20. Its worked well but was starting to deteriorate. So it was time for a upgrade to a ScalerFab all metal rack.

The pajero roof has a slight step down which required me to but a couple of slight bends in the rack, once they where done it was a perfect fit. I taped it in place and drilled through with my dremel. A couple of m2 screws and nuts and it was on.

Now when the call it low profile they mean it! It sits so flush to the roof its hard to tell its even there!

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