ScalerFab Team Driver Dave Hall gets creative!

Getting creative for a friendly scale build off in Australia with ScalerFab Team Driver Dave Hall!

Australia is known for its extreme season changes and this year it has lived up to the reputation. Coming out of the hottest February on record we've had to endure the wettest march in 30 years. Over 281mm has fallen so far which means only one thing, no chance to get some scale truck action in!

So with the down time i decided to work on this years scale camper trailer project. While my good friends Ryan and Antony where down in January from Queensland to do some tiny truckin we came up with the idea of doing an interstate build off. We would each build a scale camper and take them out for a run when I head up later in the year.

Starting from scratch I took measurements off one of the leading brand trailers as a baseline and would build my own design off that. I quickly knocked up the basic tub design out of 2mm styrene i got at my local hobby shop and from ebay.
The axel is a solid steel rod with the ends machined down to allow bearings to be pressed on. I next machined a hex hub that slipped over the bearing and in the wheel allowing each wheel to spin independently.

For the suspension I mounted two "c" channel rails underneath the tub and attached the extra set of ebay leaf springs I had lying around to it.

It still has a ways to go but with the axle and suspension fitted it's just the hitch and the cosmetic touches to go. Shouldn't be to much longer till I have another build update!

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