Deep thought and harsh truth by ScalerFab Team Driver Dave Hall

Performance or Not Performance that is the Scale Question. 


Performance vs scale, it's the argument I constantly see across the rc groups on Facebook and on Instagram. Alot of the time I see it starting with a rc newcomer posting their new rig and asking what upgrades they should buy, what body they should get or what esc/ motor combo they need?

They will be told to buy the most expensive parts, get the most flex possible, steer clear of certain setups because they "suck" and so on.

There's one simple answer though:


If you want to run a rig with 2.2 tires, trimmed lexan body and xr mod steering setup that can outcrawl anything then go for it. If you want a superscale hardbody with a brushed motor setup a wrestling action figure in the driver's seat and 1.55 wheels that is only suited to light trails then go for it!

I constantly see criticism and belittling because of opinions and egos and it unfortunately drives people away from comps/ socials and ultimately the hobby all together.

I know it has reduced the social side of things for myself. I'd rather hit the trail solo or with a few close friends than spend the day being told how I should setup my rig.

At the end of the of the day this hobby is about fun! So try to be supportive and helpful to new rc'ers and older. Whether you're a performance guy or a scalehead do what makes you happy! 😊✌

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