Elevate Your Adventure: The Essential Guide to Upgrading Bumpers and Rock Sliders on 1/10 Scale RCs

Upgrading Your RC Bumpers and Sliders:
What To Consider When Choosing the Right Metal Bumper For Your RC

Hey RC enthusiasts! If you're into 1/10 scale RCs, you know how addictive this hobby can be. There's something incredibly satisfying about crawling around with these miniature powerhouses. But here’s the kicker – upgrading them! Today, we're diving into why bumpers and rock sliders, specifically ScalerFab's customizable trail armor, are the go-to upgrades for anyone serious about their RC game.

Understanding the Basics of 1/10 Scale RC Upgrades

What are 1/10 Scale RCs?

For the uninitiated, 1/10 scale RCs are like the SUVs of the remote-controlled world – versatile, powerful, and just the right size for a heck of a good time. Whether you're a speed demon or a trail conqueror, these bad boys offer a world of fun.

Importance of Upgrades for Performance and Aesthetics

Here's the deal – stock RCs are cool, but there's always room for improvement considering they all come with stock plastic bumpers. Upgrades are not just about beefing up your ride; they're about stamping your personality onto it. And when it comes to performance, well, that's where ScalerFab's bumpers and rock sliders come in.

The Role of Bumpers in 1/10 Scale RCs

Functionality of RC Bumpers

First up, let's talk bumpers. These aren't just for show; they're like the bodyguards for your RC. From absorbing shocks during collisions to protecting the front and rear ends, they're essential for any rough-and-tumble adventure.

Types of Bumpers and Style Choices

There is no question here, METAL is the way to go, and ScalerFab has a bumper for every style. Each style and design has its own perks, so choosing the right one can really elevate your RC's performance and look.

How Upgraded Bumpers Enhance Performance

Upgraded bumpers aren't just tougher; they're smarter. They can significantly reduce damage during crashes, meaning more playtime and less repair time. Plus, they give your RC that aggressive, ready-for-anything look.

The Importance of Rock Sliders for RC Trail Protection

What are Rock Sliders?

Now, onto rock sliders – the unsung heroes of RC armor. These bad boys are crucial for protecting the sides and underside of your RC when you're tackling those gnarly trails.

Design Considerations

Choosing the right rock sliders is like picking the perfect pair of shoes – it needs to be just right. Different options can change how your RC handles different terrains, so think about where you’ll be driving most. For example, do you want to protect your lexan or hard body from damage on tight trails? Consider ScalerFab's Kick-outs option. Kick-outs are a seperate welded piece of metal that helps your RC pivot around tough terrain and protects the real quarter panel while doing so. 

Enhancing Durability and Style with Rock Sliders

Not only do rock sliders protect your RC from scrapes and bangs, but they also add a whole new level of style. It’s like giving your RC a rugged, adventurous makeover!

Why Enthusiasts are Upgrading Their RCs

Trends in RC Customization

Lately, there’s been a huge surge in customizing RCs, especially with bumpers and rock sliders. It's all about pushing limits, both in terms of performance and aesthetics.

Personal Stories and Testimonials

I’ve heard tons of stories from our community about how these upgrades have transformed their RCs. It’s not just about looking cool; it’s about crafting a machine that can handle anything you throw at it.

Choosing the Right Upgrades for Your RC

Factors to Consider When Upgrading

Think about what kind of terrain you'll be tackling, your driving style, and, of course, your personal flair. Whether you're into sleek and modern or tough and rugged, there’s an upgrade for you.

Installation Tips and Tricks

Don’t worry if you're not a pro at tinkering; most of these upgrades are pretty straightforward. But hey, if you get stuck, there’s always a community of fellow RC enthusiasts ready to lend a hand.


So, there you have it – a little insider scoop on why upgrading your 1/10 scale RC with bumpers and rock sliders is the way to go. Not only do they amp up the performance and durability, but they also make your RC uniquely yours. Ready to take your RC to the next level? Check out our range of upgrades and let the adventures begin!

Join the conversation! Have you upgraded your RC with some cool bumpers or rock sliders? Share your stories and pics in the comments – we’d love to see them!

Remember, this article is just the start. Keep exploring, upgrading, and most importantly, having fun with your RC adventures! 🏁🚗💨

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