Front vs Top Fairlead Mount- Which is right for you?

Front vs Top Fairlead Mount- Which is right for you?

Casey LoftusFebruary 13, 202038 comments
We get asked a lot, "What's the difference between the 'Front' and 'Top' Fairlead Mount options?"
💁‍♂️The Front Fairlead Mount is part of the front plate of the bumper, and is used to run the winch line through from a chassis-mounted servo winch.
💁‍♀️The Top Fairlead Mount  is a separate piece welded to the top plate of the bumper, between the trail bar or stinger, and can be used for either a bumper-mounted winch set up OR a servo winch.
Our fairlead mounts fit the RC4WD Hawse Fairlead hole pattern and we sell the fairleads for a discount when you purchase one of our bumpers. We highly recommend it over the roller fairlead that comes on the winch, as they stick out and tend to get damaged easily.
Add some extra scale to your rig, but as far as which one you should go for,🤷‍♂️ it ultimately comes down to personal preference, and what kind of winch you will be running. The Top Fairlead Mount is the more performance option, as it does not affect approach angle, while the front fairlead mount option may be the more scale option, but will stick out a few millimeters from the bumper with the hawse fairlead.
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