ScalerFab Team Driver Josh Krupenny had a heck of a Journey at the Lewis and Clark R/C Adventure 2017

A very incredible adventure to the Lewis and Clark R/C Adventure 2017 

The Lewis and Clark R/C adventure 2017 in Clarksville Indiana was a heck of a journey!! All started Thursday I had to work a 16 hour day at my job and the rush home to get loaded up. Then head over to fellow ScalerFab team driver Adam Nerby's house. Adam and 2 other guys got their stuff loaded up and we were loaded to the gills with my long box ford superduty with a tonneau cover with Rc stuff and ez ups it was like a puzzle to get everything in there!! So it's is roughly a 12 hour drive from New Richmond Wisconsin to Clarksville Indiana and I drove the first 8 hours and I've been up for 26 hours straight and zombie mode kicked in so passed the wheel off to a buddy and I was able to get a whopping hour of sleep and before the sun came up and no more sleep for me. Finally we made it down there and the weather was crap rain and more rain. Finally we were able to test a little bit and I broke 2 of the 3 trucks I brought with and then there was my chance to get a nap in since my trucks were broke so I took my ScalerFab hoodie and rolled it up and took an hour nap on the side walk, best nap ever!! Then we packed our stuff up and headed to our hotel and got to our room and luckily me and Adam, well more like Adam, fixed my trucks to get them ready for Saturday's comp and Saturday morning woke up and it was a wash out rain on the racer for most of the state. Well we drive to the comp site and it's off and on showers. So we get ready to set courses up and we had a shot to get started comping with no rain and then poof it starts pouring and I'm driving my $1500 not water proofed pro truck in the rain I hurried up and knocked my 4 courses out and grabbed my scaler which was the only truck that didn't break the day before #scalerfabprotection . I was a judge also so I took my group of guys and we started running our courses luckily the rain stopped for a while and ended being nice out and while we were comping there was an air show going on, it's so awesome seeing and hearing that in the background. With that being said my 1.9 ScalerFab comp truck was doing great, the new sr5 super duper cheater bumper was working great and my winch with my ScalerFab Land Anchor did its job so many times I ended up in 5th place in 1.9 scaler so I'll take it. I finished up comping my last class is my sporty and didn't do so hot!! And then we were all done and loaded all of our crap back in the truck, which was like a puzzle again, lol. So adam took the wheel and drove 8 hours and I took the final leg home. We got home at 8:30am Sunday and I slept the whole day away till 3:30am Monday morning to go to work. Untill next months blog, which will be the adventure to ecc!

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