ScalerFab Team Driver Josh Krupenny hits the MN/WI comp in full force.

Fun at the 1st MN/WI Comp with 1.9, 2.2,  Sportsman, and Pro M.O.A.

The first Minnesota/Wisconsin comp was pretty awesome. In the 1.9 comp it wasn't my best showing, I had some poor choices in lines and took 8th place. In the 2.2 comp I had to use my bomber due to my new 2.2 truck wasn't done yet and my bomber isn't really a comp truck due to no ground clearance. It wasn't too bad though, I got 7th. In sportsman class I did good and got 5th and then in Pro M.O.A. class I got 2nd. So all and all I took top 10 in all my classes which is good but not all top 5. Next comp I'm coming in strong with a whole new rebuild in my 1.9 and then, in 2.2, I have a whole new truck that should be awesome. Till next month.

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