ScalerFab Team Driver Kerry Adams opens up to us and share old and new Father Son memories!

Touching Father and Son memories created and captured between ScalerFab Team Driver and his son.

Many years ago my dad bought me an rc plane. And after making the 3rd trip back into town and buying a 3rd plane that i crashed, he said maybe planes are not for me. So we saw something new from tamiya sitting there. A brand new grasshopper. Well, we took it home and built it that night. It is one of the best memories I have with my dad. And a week later we were replacing the motor. Years later my son, who was turning 10, had gone through many walmart and radio shack rc cars. So I said "come on" and we went to the lhs and picked out a RTR short course truck. We build ramps and spent hours jumping and bashing. That grew to getting him a losi xxxsct and some mods and I built an associated b4.2 and we started racing. Jump a few years more and we have gotten into rc drag racing and he wins the stock traxxas funny car championship. He has sat and watched me build kits and we got 2 crawlers, and he loves it. We built obstacles in our back yard, and have gone pallet hunting to build bridges... Seeing how much he loves the crawling I asked if he wants to build his first kit and he said yes. So i gave him a few options on what we could do and he chose a sawback. Well long story short, we decided to get it and built it the last week of Feb. He had 2 days off school and so happened I was let go from my job the day before. So what should have been a stressful few days turned out to be 3 of the best days i have had with my son. We got the chassis built and even a stop motion video made. He is excited about paint and armor. Then it's off to his first comp in class1. 
Timing sucks because I only get to see him on weekends and times are hard. With the job loss it puts a strain on the ability to get the rest of the build. However no matter how hard it gets I will have the memory of building this sawback with my son. I know with the help of good friends we will make his vision for the finished project a reality.
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