The amazing R/C community and the Lifestyle that comes with it.

ScalerFab Team Driver Kerry Adams tells us about a few weekend's out with his son at local events, including the eyewitness account of great people in this R/C Community and lifestyle.

 A few weeks ago, my son and I went to a crawl event outside of Denver, CO. We were there to watch some fun scale rigs and enjoy time with friends. Being that both of our rigs were still being put together we wanted to just watch and help where we could.

The next weekend we went to another event nearby, put on by It was another great turn out and once again our rigs are not complete so we were there to support others. Everyone was invited to participate no matter what kind of rig they had. My son helped set out the gates and then we watched and took photos of the great people enjoying this hobby. The organizer of the event (RC BASEMENT) noticed some spectators with a young child. Sid went out of his way to go over and let the father and child drive his personal rig through some gates. At this point I realized why we support him. I was grateful that my son got to see how a event should be ran and how to be a great person. The father and child had a blast and had a huge smile on their face. And I am sure we may have gained a new member in this great R/C community we all love.

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