Keystone RC Event #4 -ScalerFab-Sponsored Event

Keystone RC Event #4 sponsored by ScalerFab, What a Challenging Event!

We had a good turn out at the comp barn on Sunday.  We had 31 drivers just in class 2. 17 in Class 3 and 14 in Class 1.  The class 3 courses were extremely difficult, with this being the 4th comp in the series they have gotten progressively more and more difficult.  The extra challenges made it a lot more exciting and intense.

After some tacos for lunch and a quick rearrange of all 3 courses, we ran Class 2 through inside, while the kids class was run outside.  Class 2 saw the use of a cable bridge hill climb that provided an awesome challenge for our indoor courses with just the right amount of difficulty.  The sand pit in the middle of course 2 got really dug out throughout the day and became extremely tricky with a lot of winching.

Again the courses were rearranged and changed up to be Class 1 ready.  Tiny tires, leaf springs, and hard bodies reign in this class.  Competition was good with scores being very close, there was only a 10 point spread across the top 5 drivers.

JT Photography was onsite taking photos and those will be posted on a Facebook group and Web site once they are ready.  Feel free to use them for advertising, just please keep the watermark as this is offered as a free service to the club.

We want to thank all these great sponsors who have stepped up to support the crawler enthusiast.  Your support and donations really help to make this event awesome.


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