ScalerFab Team Driver Matt Brauer talks about the Lifestyle we are all apart of along with a recap of his April!

It's a lifestyle and that means it's a Family Hobby! Team Driver Matt Brauer challenges everyone to grow their r/c families!



The R/C Hobby has been more recently referred to as a lifestyle, I believe that to be absolutely true! A hobby is something you try and do in free/spare time to help pass the time. A lifestyle is something that you make the time to do, that you obsess over, dream about, drag family and friends into, and try to do 24/7. That is why 1/10 scale remote control rock crawlers are not a hobby but rather a Lifestyle. Most people that join the lifestyle end up falling in head first and are hooked long before they realize it.
This month has been a very busy one for us in the Brauer Household. As the Host and Organizer of NWI TTC, I started the month off (April 2nd at the Martucky RC Club in Marseilles IL) with our 2nd points series event of the year (this series has THE best Title sponsor ever... ScalerFab!). This event brought in over 100 trucks and over 60 people, with those numbers I had a lot of paperwork to go through to make sure scores were posted accurately. What made this difficult was my day job and the fact that I am the Director of the Youth Basketball Program at the Church (which is mid-season). Why am I stating all this? Well, because even with my busy busy .... busy life I still did my best and made time to take care of the Lifestyle I am a part of. I got the scores all posted up as quick as I could. Admittedly the Score posts were further delayed by a few days because the weekend after our event (April 7-9) I loaded up the Family, hooked the trailer, and headed down to Flat Nasty Off-road Park in Jadwin MO. for the Recon G6. We had a blast and thankfully (yes i have no regrets about this because it was peaceful) we had no cellular service in the park! All 4 of us partook in the Lifestyle and participated in the G6 which earned us the FAMILY FUN Award!!! Haley (5 years old) ran her stock SCX-10 deadbolt, Lucas (7 years old)ran my TF2 although he claims its his, Andi ran her SCX-10 on Brazin chassis and outfitted with ScalerFab front and rear bumpers as well as rock sliders, I ran my Border Patrol SCX10 based truck (I was sad that I did not have time to finish my new build before the weekend). We all had a blast and used the heck out of my ScalerFab Hybrid Land Anchor attached to my Border Patrol Truck! We also ran in the First ever Scale Trail Championship on Sunday. Haley, Lucas, and myself ran while Andi took video and pictures. Haley and Lucas ran the same trucks they were running all weekend, however I ran the wife's ScalerFab outfitted Jeep in the small tire class. We all did good and had a great time, I would have done better but a small rock decided to jump up out of no where and flip me (I swear it wasnt driver error... yes that helps me sleep at night lol). Now this past weekend (Easter April 16th) I organized a small get together to scout out the potential next location for the 3rd stop of the ScalerFab presents the Axial 2017 NWI TTC Points Series. I invited my coworker (who had not done anything with R/C before) and to his surprise I put the controller of my RC4WD Beast into his hands, he was instantly hooked! 
So far there have been 3 weekend's in April and so far the Brauer Family has participated in R/C events all 3 weekend's. That right there is a true description of a Lifestyle especially a Family friendly Lifestyle involving a family age ranged 5 years old to 29 years old!
To conclude this blog I wish to ask all of you reading. Please go out and involve someone new with the R/C Hobby and show them what the Lifestyle is all about not just what the Hobby is about. Introduce them to your R/C family and let that family grow. There are so many positive things in this Lifestyle to share with both Young and Old. 
Catch you on the Trails!
Matt Brauer 


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