There's more to do in Las Vegas than the Strip!

 Crawl along with ScalerFab Team Driver, Matt Wolfe and his ScalerFab Trail Armor.

Matt Wolfe here in the fabulous Las Vegas Valley. Over the last few weeks I have put the ScalerFab Trail Armor to the test. First stop was the A.V.R.C.C. Mini Enduro. Where I took on many jagged rocks and tough terrain over a 6 hour period,  The ScalerFab Trail Armor did not fail me. Next stop, the next weekend was the KOH 2017 Altra 5K. I endured  3.1 miles of soft sand, uphill climbs, twisted rock ledges and jagged downhill runs. I came out with a 3rd place finish and a well protected front end. I also participted in the Axial Scale Adventure.  Last stop on my February tour was the CKRC Lost Trails Fire & Ice Extreme Challenge. This one I must say lived up to it's name. After 3 courses and many hours of potato rock, long grass and jagged edges, my car and front end were still going strong. I must say after 3 weeks of high intensity my car is still in great shape. 

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