Team KNK TTC4 by Team Driver Mike Rowe

It's about more than just placing at an event for this ScalerFab Team Driver.


It was a great weekend at the Team KNK TTC 4 and I am finally home. If you missed it, it's hard to comprehend the amount of fun it was. There were 48 sponsors, around 20 set up on site, 7 or 8 hobby shops on site and 350+ trucks entered. I didn't exactly drive well, but as always at any event, I had a blast seeing friends, meeting new ones, judging, helping the younger competitors and even gave away some things to help people get repaired. Thank you to all the sponsors, course builders, Mountain Man's BBQ, fellow judges and of course the Team KNK family. I'd also like to thank my sponsors, ScalerFab and SuperShafty for keeping me running and getting me out of sticky situations from my driving.

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