Just Go Drive It!

 As ScalerFab Team Driver, Oliver Barber knows, it doesn't need to be perfect to go out and have fun! 

I’m sure I’m not alone in this; I’ll have a number of projects on the go, and one fully functional truck, and then something breaks on the working truck, or I decide to do a rebuild, change something major to make it work better, etc. Whatever the case, I’m now without anything to drive or a few weeks until I slowly finish up another project or get around to “properly” fixing the original issue in between college, work, and other obligations.

 This time, I decided that, instead of not doing any RC driving for a few weeks, I’d throw my half-finished LR3 (the truck pictured) in my car when I went to visit family, and see if I could find any decent spots for a mini trail-run. It currently has no rear body mounts, about 2/5ths of an interior, no inner fenders, and the electronics & battery were just bouncing around loosely inside, but being able to drive it, even for only a short while before I realized that I had not brought any spare batteries, brought a smile to my face.

It doesn’t need to be complete to go have fun, just go drive something!

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