ScalerFab Team Driver Oliver Barber's custom made ScalerFab Bumpers helped his Tiny Tire rig step over the others!

Event Recap – Call to Crawl 2017, Event 1

Oliver Barber – 5/23/17


This event was at the same place as one of the Call to Crawl events from the series that I participated in last year, and the quality of the site definitely hasn’t gone down any; in the area we ran, there is everything from rocky trails and grass, to water and an entire sand quarry to drive through. The weather this time was much better than last year; while it was little chilly and it began to rain slightly at the end, it was much better than the sunburn-inducing super-hot cloudless weather that occurred last time.

For the event, unlike the solo-format of last year, we were all split into groups of 5, and gates hit/missed counted for everyone in the group (group scores will carry on to each individual throughout the series). Total trail time was a couple hours, with a number of bonus gates providing a fun challenge.

Overall, it was a fun time, and a good first test of my truck, after throwing it together in a few days beforehand; the one-off SF bumpers provided excellent approach and departure angles, and I was easily making it through obstacles that other trucks were getting stuck on, even with the 3.75in tires I was running.

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