ScalerFab Team Driver Oliver Barber recounts his experience at Berkeley Scale Adventures.

Oliver Barber's Event Recap: Berkeley Scale Adventures
May 27, 2017 South Ontario Canada.

            This was my third time returning to this event location; it’s a super awesome place with a ton of terrain, and the people running it are great (it’s run by Dana Lloyd and his family/friends on his family’s land).

Unlike last year, it wasn’t freezing cold and raining, so that was super nice. There was nice sunny weather for the whole day, and even in the swampy bits of the trail, the mosquitos were not too bad.

The event was setup in a G6-esque format, with the only prizes being for the show-and shine at the start of the day (categories such as best weathering, best scale accessory, etc.) The driving was 500 gates spread throughout 3 courses, and a good few hours of driving. Mostly dirt and rock, with some muddy partially flooded sections from rain earlier in the week. There was something for every kind of vehicle, from super-scale class 0 rigs to barebones C2 trucks.

Everyone who went had a great time, and the after-event raffle was setup so that everyone walked away with something; the big prize was a brand-new SCX 10.2 kit, but there was a ton of other stuff to choose from too.

For me at least, it was definitely worth the long drive; a ton of fun was had, and the opportunity to drive for several hours with a lot of other people is always great. Other than a loose grub screw, I managed not to break anything on my truck, even though it’s largely untested and on the 2nd ever event in its current setup.

If you’re in the area (Southern Ontario, Canada), be sure to check out next year’s event at the same location; tickets do sell out quite quickly though!


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