Product Install: Boom Racing “BaddAss” 1.9 steel wheels

So I was wanting some classic 16 hole wheels for my trail rig build. And I came across these “BadAss” wheels from Boom Racing. They fit the bill perfectly!

These 1.9 steel wheels had some weight to them, but I knew I would need just a little more. I was also concerned with the fitment of Proline Hyrax tires in their bead lock. I was hoping that this would not be an issue like other wheels.

First the packaging on these is top notch. Well-packaged and includes everything needed to get them going.  The only negative thing I can find is the quality of the cap head screws, as they are on the soft side. Nothing a quick call to our friends at TEAM KNK won't cure. The gunmetal finish looks good and seems to be applied very well. I am aiming for a little more of a used look, and I think a few trail runs here in Colorado and I will have it.

The lock inner ring is a nice size and fits the stick-on lead weight perfect (1 stick per wheel should do the trick). I then installed the ring into the tire with the stock foams and began the process of installing the tires. I have to say, my concerns about the proline bead were for nothing. These grabbed them and they sit nicely. One key thing I like about these wheels is the center hubs. The screw-on style cover that hides the nut on the axle looks stock and adds a little protection to the axle and wheel nut. 


When all done these wheels seem well designed and made. These along with the proline hyrax tires are a nice fit and I think this trail truck is well on its way to some fun times!

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