ScalerFab Team Driver Steve Mccolly's Project "Problem Child"

ScalerFab Team Driver Steve Mccolly's Project "Problem Child"

Project "Problem Child"

Well this is "Problem Child" my old SCX10 from many years's still running and still gives me fits all the time but I can't bring myself to retire the old

This truck has seen many faces in its day but this Toyota Hardbody is really starting to grow on me. This truck started life out as a g6 scx10 but now there's not too much left of that old stock truck.

I have replaced just about everything except for frame rails which I can imagine one day will be replaced or something after market.

The latest transformation for this truck was replacing the old lexan body with this Toyota Hardbody. I started by cutting the hood open so I can place my battery underneath so I would have better weight over my axle. Then I started doing some minor interior work like covering the seats and dash, but no scale truck would be complete without having some good scale goodies in the bed. Finally to really bring the whole package together I repurposed a set of scalerfab Sliders and my old scalerfab front bumper... I think the project came out pretty nice especially using a lot of secondhand parts especially the body, but after a little paint it's a new truck again..

thanks for reading my little story about my problem child...

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  • Dan Starkey - October 10, 2017

    I really like the Toyota hard body just like you. I have a number of scalers and three of them use the Toyota hard body. Been into building RC’s for nearly 30 years, I’m addicted. Sweet ride you have.

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