Random encounters with Father/Son ScalerFab Team Drivers Randy & Tristen Williams

Adventures in Explaining Myself with ScaleFab Father and Son Team Drivers!

Every so often I run into someone I know or I meet someone and end up having to explain myself and the toy trucks.

Now, I'm not one of the most out going guys around at the competitions or trail runs. It's not that I'm stuck up or conceited. I generally just fail at social interaction on a spectacular level. For instance; talking to a fellow RC enthusiast from the east coast about tiny trucks at an event, when the conversation ends and we part ways I end up saying something to the effect of 'See you later' or 'Good to see you'. The problem with the former is that being from the Midwest, chances are it may be a year before I see this person again or possibly never. As that particular event may have been that persons vacation for the year and next year they decide to go elsewhere. The latter is awkward because it implies that I've met the person before. If I have, this fair thee well is fine. However, if I've never met this person before it can be slightly disturbing due to the possible inference that I've seen them before, and they just were not aware. If I'm particularly on my awkwardness game that day you might get a 'Take luck' or 'Good travels'. Needless to say I'm pretty sure people walk away thinking "What an odd person."

So, when someone that isn't an "crawler person" asks me about RC Crawlers it's natural for two things to happen. I immediately get a rush of anxiety and I go all fanboy. The anxiety is due to my lack of ability to control my fanboy. I try not to push the subject on anyone, however if they show the slightest interest, or just look at one of our trucks it happens. I spew forth vast amounts of information regarding the capabilities of the trucks and what all goes into building one. This information being spewed is of the basic variety; crawls up steep inclines, is four wheel drive, has foam in tires, the shocks have oil in them. You know, in-depth knowledge. At this point they might nod and say someone like "That's nice" or they nod and say "Bless your poor wife's heart".

I'm getting better though. I figured out that the Kid has amazing social skills. Usually if someone comes up and says anything, they will say it to the boy first. I can then busy myself with checking every screw on the rig to make sure they are tight. Or adjusting the trim on the transmitter. This saves the inquirer from developing a nervous tic and they can leave with a clear conscience and not wondering if my wife married me due to an arranged marriage.

Oftentimes I'm asked "What got you interested in radio controlled cars?" Well, ok no one has ever asked that. However, I always feel I need to explain. So, they're awesome for one. As a kid I enjoyed putting models together and often felt disappointed that after they were together all I could do is look at them, or stuff them full of firecrackers and watch them blow up. They're really cool. And I like to tinker.

Now that we've been in the hobby for a while I've realized that RC Crawlers provides my family and I with an activity we can do together, a chance to meet great people, have good clean fun, and see new places. Oh, and as far as the warden is concerned it's cheaper than a full size crawler. :wink:

Randy and Tristen Williams
Team ScalerFab

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