ScalerFab Team Drivers Randy & Tristen Williams in the riddle of how to avoid going from "Brake" to "Broke"

ScalerFab Team Drivers Randy & Tristen Williams in the riddle of how to avoid going from "Brake" to "Broke"

How to avoid the sequence of going from Brake to Break, to Broke. All explained using just 1 feature!

Trying to decide what to write about had me thinking back to last year at the start of the comp season here in Arkansas. Still chilly out, and we were hours from home. During the competition it occurred to me that there was something wrong with the drag break on one of my rigs. I had made adjustments a few weeks prior to the event and had not changed them back. Which was making it difficult to keep the rig on the course in places.

For the new folks at home that might find themselves reading this atrocity of a blog post may not understand the necessity of a drag brake. The brake allows the vehicle to be held in place when the throttle is in the neutral position. This is handy when your crawler is scaling a killer hill and you find your foot decided, at the precise moment, to become mobile either by causing the rock or gravel it was planted on to dislodge and create a 1/10 scale land slide, or if you're like me and your feet randomly get the bright idea to swap places with my head. So there you are. Trying to regain control of your feet, for whatever reason, and trying to maintain the Crawlers position on the course. Generally there is a good amount of flapping of the arms as well as muffled cursing going on. So some genius decided that taking the need for control over your RC out of this equation, might enable us to avoid falling. At the very least give us the chance to direct our bodies to fall in an area free of small children and maybe sharp pointy sticks. And thank goodness for this invention or we wouldn't be able to look near as good bouncing down the hillside if we were also trying to make a clean gate.

In addition, the drag brake keeps our "cheap and inexpensive" RCs from tumbling down with us. Often this would result in a break. Either bones, rc parts, or promises. The breaking of our rigs happen often enough without the down hill samba. So without the addition of the drag brake, parts would break more often, results in us drivers and RC enthusiasts being broke constantly.

And if you're broke you can't buy parts. If you can't buy parts, you're not happy.

Randy and Tristen Williams
Team ScalerFab

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