Course that are tough on the rigs and the Drivers pushed this duo to the extreme.

Great time had by ScalerFab Team Driver Duo Randy and Tristen Williams in the snake and lizard infested and treacherous terrain of Arkansas.


June in the Ozarks. Hot sticky and critters everywhere. We joined the Arkansas RC Crawlers for their 3rd competition in their 2017 series at the beautiful Woolly Hollow State Park just outside of Greenbriar, AR. The weather was perfect after having several of our previous trips canceled, so we made the best of this one. Around a four hour drive through the Buffalo River Valley and stopping in the small state park where the competition was held. Most of the local competitions get little to no notice by locals or even park employees. However, the staff at Woolly Hollow is always welcoming and even excited to see the club visit their park every year.


The recent rains had damaged the trails and moved a large amount of earth and rock around where the competition took place last year leaving a whole new landscape. The courses were set and as folks made their way to course #1 it became apparent that the footing would be very treacherous. Wet rocks, scum, and steep inclines made going though. A few bowed out of that course after seeing several folks go down on the rock. I think I even pulled a muscle in my back just watching. After a while working the drivers through the course we moved on to course 2 and 3. Both courses were in a different area and mostly the only obstacles were the snakes and lizards. As the rocks heated up and the wind refused to move below the dam, a few of us jumped in to get more folks running the course to avoid being out in the sun on the rocks for longer than needed. After course two, drenched in sweat, panting heavily and legs aching we called it. We had a wonderful time, as always with the crew from central Arkansas and the guys from Texas. We even met a guy from Tennessee. 


All in all we didn't do bad. The kid took a couple gates on course two as did I. It was a good time and looking forward to it again next year.

Tristen and Randy Williams


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