ScalerFab Team Driver Duo Randy & Tristen Williams take on the 3rd stop of the NWASC series in Jane, MO.

Father and Son, Duo take on the 3rd event of 6 in the NWASC Scale Comp Series

Competition number 3 in the NWASC Scale Comp Series was held at Mega Ton Rock along side of Interstate 49 in Jane, MO.  we moved locations due to the intense storms we've been having in the area over the past week. There's still a lot of water moving down stream and several areas have been washed out.  We had a decent turn out for the competition. Several younger members came out to run the courses.

We had two Class one courses set up, but only two drivers had their rigs running. It was tough going and ultimately the truck broke. So we set up and started our Class 2 course. Course one was up the side of a boulder and down the back side, then back up the top. The first 5 gates were made with ease, afterward though, things became very technical with the last three gates being all side hill at the top. It was rough going and the Kid made it to the 8th gate and was stopped by the side hill, I only made it through one more gate before I ran out of time.

The 2nd course was fast and furious. Fastest time was 2:20 through the 10 gates. The course was stretched out zig zagging across the rock. This course was fun but could be a challenge for those low slung hill huggers. Skids and differentials got hung on small rocks that were anchored solidly in the ground. If too much power was applied the front would whip around taking out the gates. Gate 9 was one of the easier gates, yet it was the most imposing. At one point your rig would be teetering with one wheel in the air above a 7 ft drop to solid stone. This gate caused drivers to slow and crawl their way around a tree and up a ledge over to the gate. It was a lot of fun. I got to be the course judge on the second course so I was lucky enough to watch each driver make his run. 

At the end I placed 7th in Class 2 and the Kid got 11th place. This is only one comp in a 6 competition series. We have some work to do. Class 3 didn't run this time due to all the rigs being absent.
Tristen and Randy Williams
Team Scalerfab

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